About a year ago I posted my last blog and instead started using Instagram for its convenience to keep everyone up on what we were doing. My apologies for not making a point of this in the form of a short Blog posting but I had no idea that the year, wonderful as it has been to make the move to Clover, SC, as my grandmother would have said, “The move really took the starch out of me!”. Some of you who have been able to keep up or have made a major move like this will know exactly what I mean…..

Problems selling our beautiful and unique home and property were the last thing we expected. A couple of trips a week to check on the new home, traveling down I-85 which was under construction did not help. When the house would not sell furnished and since the Clover house was almost done, we started moving carload by carload along with some van rentals and finally a small van and 2 men and my son Ryan to help with the big things… It was exhausting! We went from camping out in the Clover house to camping out in the Greenville house. Ugh! is all I can say. I could go on and on about all the things that caused us difficulties selling and of course, money! But enough said…..The house finally sold and we are living in Clover in a home we adore and on property that is almost magical it is such unusual beauty….

We are now comfortably settled, mostly unpacked and enjoying old friends from Charlotte and visits from our Greenville friends and are even making some new friends!

We added a 3rd rescue poodle, Charlotte, to our trio of standard poodles and delight in their antics and good company.

We hear owls, buzzards, eastern ravens, hawks and an unimaginable variety of birds. We also are regularly visited by deer, especially a lovely doe with twins. The variety of trees still amazes us as it used to be Neely Nursery we found out…. Roger has his weekly Zen meditation riding the lawn mower around but best of all is all the visits from my son Ryan and wife Jen along with Lily who is 10 and Charlie who is 7. Lily and Charlie have the loft area all to themselves! It is accessed by a circular staircase which they love.

Finally with Lily’s help and high energy attitude, along with my son Ryan for putting up shelves, I am starting to get my studio unpacked and organized. Pictures of the studio in progress are what I will post this time and will follow with pictures of the house later…. Thank you to all of you who have received my blog in the past for not giving up on me. I have lots to share about exciting things coming up this year that I need to post along with getting new Meditation Bowls and some other new pieces on my inventory along with shows, workshops, commissions and other news….

Hang in there…. I can feel my energy returning!!!!!