Needless to say, we are still unpacking but we do feel like this is home now…..Although our Greenville home has not sold, I believe it will happen soon! We are having lots of lookers and have had one offer from folks in Minnesota! It seems weird to enter our naked house these days yet it is so beautiful this way! I still marvel that Roger could turn it into a master piece both visually and create such a fun, interesting and comfortable place for us to live. We just hope someone who loves the house will be the next owner. The fact that my garden is about to burst forth with it’s ongoing theatrical display of one amazing flower show after another will certainly act as a bonus to anyone who is considering our home.

I also want to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who has supported and helped us in all manner of ways from words of encouragement to packing and lifting and moving boxes, feeding us, providing their extra bedroom as the furniture disappeared from the Greenville home….. I also give thanks for the emails and thank you Dan Hamilton, our amazing Realtor, for your help and guidance as we come closer and closer to selling our home. You have been just wonderful and so patient!!! We can’t leave out our wonderful builder Al Wadell and his subs and assistants. They are incredible and were able to live through the process of “ building for an architect”!!!!!! I know it took the patience of Job….. but we could not be happier in our comfortable, light filled, convenient and stunning new home and studios that have risen out of the earth of our little orchard in Clover, SC!

Two special and HUGE thank you’s also go to my son Ryan, Jen and the GrandKids Lily and Charlie. We could simply have not made this huge move without their love, support and physical help! The other goes to the Stefanie and Max Doering for all kinds of assistance down to helping us move and fix my huge kiln with the added assistance of Elaine Quave for transporting my kiln to Clover!!!!!! What can I say folks, this was enormous but believe me, every tiny bit of the assistance that came our way was appreciated right down to so many of you just wishing us luck……I am dewey eyed as I write this because we are so fortunate and I am so filled with love and appreciation for all of you….

Soon we will have an open house and hope you will come help us celebrate and say thanks to all of you!!!!! Stay tuned!

The following images will help to tell the story of our journey from Greenville to Clover….