I will mostly let the images tell the story of a fabulous, kind and generous group of people who came together with such openness, curiosity and interest that the resulting week and the work that came out of the week long workshop was extraordinary. I really could not have asked for a better group to work with… The week was about process and new techniques that folks could add to their knowledge of clay… It was also about getting to know the clay and themselves a little better. Along with the focus on using nature as our inspiration, we made simple press molds and slump molds . But it was the pinching session that seemed to resonate with everyone, myself included…. We all seemed to find our way to have a personal conversation with the clay. They learned the importance of using this exercise like a meditation, always remembering that part of a good conversation is listening…

I absolutely must mention the amazing beauty of Spring Island with it’s carefully guarded and cared for old growth forests. Certainly it is a birdwatcher’s heaven and a place of peace, quiet and love for nature and nature’s many gifts…. If only we could all take care of our environment the way they do on Spring Island, we would be closer to solving the devastation of global warming. Let this Island and it’s inhabitants be our teachers. Through their philanthropic causes Island folks are standing behind their causes, not only with funding bur with their knowledge and time…

Special thanks to Pam, Lark, Bailey and the Westerlunds for making all the plans, housing,etc to make sure I was happy and well cared for. They also took care of every detail to make sure this was a special workshop for both teacher and participants….. Their experience, love of art and love of folks who want to add a new dimension to their life through the arts, made this workshop a great success in every sense of the word. For me, I will remember it as one of my favorites!

Special thanks also to Paulus Berensohn, sadly deceased, for his friendship and his book, Finding One’s Way in Clay. Thanks also to Penland and my Middle School students for teaching me how to teach!

With love and respect,


To heaven on Spring Island and back to heaven at home in Clover!