BEEsmART - Main Gallery

BEEsmART is a pollinator themed exhibit on view in the main gallery from July 23 - August 31. The exhibit is intended to celebrate Greenwood's Bee City USA designation and to support the city's continued efforts to engage the community in promoting pollinator-friendliness. The exhibit features 54 creative works by local and regional artists which highlight the beauty and significance of native flora, plants, pollinators and gardens.

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Adrian Rhodes, Alice Ballard, Alice Lewis, Alisha Watson, Amy Gross, Anne Craig, Anne Lemanski, Bill Hutson, Brandi Tupper, Catherine Byrd, Carla Doolittle, Chris Clamp, Dana Gonzalez, Debbie Foster, Debbie Hamlet, Don Huston, Elaine Quave, Hal Taylor, Helen Hutson, Jennifer Sexton, John Johnson, Judy McGraw, Karen Johnson, Larry Conner, Lydia Baca, Mike Szotkiewicz, Nancy Hofsomer, Pat Coleman, Richard Greene, Rick Goohs, Rufus Baca, Sandy McCord, Sandy Singletary, Sheila Crowder, Shelley Grund, Stephen Wilson, Tom Simpson and Virginia Pulver

Thanks to everyone at the Arts Center of Greenwood for a beautiful show and exceptional reception!  Special thanks to Jennifer Smith, director of the gallery, for a superb job of installing my work. It was the first time I have turned the installation totally over to someone else and I am thrilled with the results!  I know she put creativity, time and effort into the installation so it would reflect my wishes....I know many other folks assisted her to make this happen and I thank each of you as well.

Special friends Chris Clamp and Elaine Quaive are among the invited artists so it is lovely to see our work together.  The work featured was carefully chosen and displayed. As a teacher I was thrilled to also see the lively, colorful work in the junior gallery! 

Thank you to all of you who attended the opening and thanks to those of you who plan to see the show and sent their well wishes.  Colleagues and friends, Marilyn Mullinax and Sarah Teal drove from Greenville to help me celebrate and celebrate we did.!  I love these women...





NOW - AUGUST 31, 2018, the Greenwood Arts Center, Greenwood, SC