An exhibition which is an installation poses special challenges.  I thought I would share some details that will demonstrate the complexity and challenges of such an exhibition. 

The first step after conceiving the idea is consider how best to share your idea visually.  In this case I wanted to invite the viewer to take a slow walk in order to view my work. My walks are slow, meditative and meandering.  I am usually looking down as I discover all manner of Nature's treasures. It is these treasures that inspire my work in clay.  Therefore, I have displayed the work so the viewer will be looking down to view it.  The pedestals have been stacked to create a type of geometric interpretation of a topographical map.  The levels were added for visual interest.  I also wanted to slow the viewer down by the way the pedestals were placed. my hope it to guide the viewer on their walk without their awareness of my intent... This required that I begin with a floor plan of the space to work with from the Bascom.

The actual work of getting paperwork and work ready was done with the help of my very able assistant Mackenzie Patterson. Mackenzie was instrumental helping me invoice the show with all those required details like price, size, medium. She also helped me lay out where the pedestals would go in advance.  This required us to measure the commons at CCES, where I teach, cut paper patterns for all the pedestals we had available to use and then try to imagine how to lay them out in the Joel Gallery to achieve a certain visual look. We also had to allow for travel space for visitors to cross Joel gallery to enter another gallery on the other side from where the stairs and elevator were located. This was done in advance to avoid having to move heavy pedestals around any more than necessary and photographed.  At this point, everything was carefully packed for a trip to the Bascom to begin the installation.

This seems the perfect opportunity to thank Mackenzie for being a huge help with this challenging endeavor.  I also want to add my gratitude to Mackenzie for being my artist assistant for the past year.  She is an amazing young woman who just started her first year of college at USC.  She is bright, creative, flexible, funny, mature, empathetic and will be an asset to mankind as she finishes her education and goes out into the world with one mission being to make a difference!  How fortunate I am to know Mackenzie and to have benefited from her help in so many areas.  Bravo and thank you Mackenzie!!!!!!!!!  I am so glad we can continue our friendship because Greenville is also Mackenzie's home and she will be coming back from time to time!  

I would also like the thank everyone at the Bascom for their help, especially Teresa Osborn, Executive Director.  I would also like to thank Maurice Laderoot for his help preparing the pedestals and for helping me get them into place for the installation.

Hope you enjoy the images from paper patterns to the finished installation of "A Walk Remembered".  I hope you will come to see the show at the Bascom!  It opened September 2 and will be up through December 2 so you can see first hand the "fruits of our labor".  The opening is October 6th, 4-6.  Please let me know what you think of the show! I always love feedback!