My work is now being represented by Hidell Brooks Gallery in Charlotte, NC!!!  Katharine and Rebecca met with me this past Tuesday when I delivered my first work to them. They are an amazing team and I feel so fortunate to be working with them!

The gallery space is stunning to say the least! It is light, airy and flexible.  As you might imagine, I can hardly wait to have a show in this space!  We are looking toward the spring of 2018 for my first solo show but in the mean time they will have an ongoing inventory of my work in the gallery available for you to see.  

Plan to drop by Hidell Brooks Gallery and meet Katharine and Rebecca soon.  The gallery is easy to find and they have great parking.  You will also enjoy seeing the work of a host of amazing artists, many being friends from my Herb Jackson and Virginia Scotchie!


I am delighted to tell you that my 2 Long Pods have already been installed in their new homes!  Thank you Katharine and Rebecca!!!