Finding Your Form Through Nature is a hand-building class inspired by the beauty of the natural surroundings of the Bascom in Highlands, NC.  Along with all my favorite hand-building techniques, participants will learn to make and use terra sigillata.  We will use earthenware and schedule two firings for work that is dry.  Other work can be taken home or fired at a later date. Packing and shipping of that work would be extra.

Bring along your sketchbook/journal to record special moments, for sketching and for saving valuable technical information.

NOTE: Participants who have taken "Finding Your Form Through Nature" have the option to plan, with my help if you need it, a focus on favorite hand-building techniques in more depth. For example, you might want to focus on a group of Ikebana containers, moss gardens, organic boxes, or nature platters. 

My contact information if you have any questions about the class or want to ask me about a special project you wish to work on.

Registration has started so contact the Bascom to save a place as this class will fill up fast.