Let me share a bit about this amazing workshop/retreat at Lake Logan...Words like amazing, spiritual, calming, connecting, magical, FUN, kept coming up, so much so that on the last day we started talking about a reunion!!!  I declare it one of the most enjoyable, deeply spiritual and fun workshops I have done.  I attribute this to Norma Hendrix for having the wisdom to make good choices when she put this workshop together her ability to be flexible and open to special opportunities that revealed themselves along the way. Next I thank each person in our workshop as well as those doing an mini artist-in-residency for their openness, flexibility, openness, humor and sharing attitude.

I would also like to remember Paulus Berensohn, artist, dancer, poet, environmental activist, philosopher, and author of FINDING ONE'S WAY IN CLAY.  I first met Paulus through his book. It was an important starting point for my approach to teaching and my work in clay for some twenty years.  I finally met Paulus when I taught my first class at Penland called FINDING YOUR FORM THROUGH NATURE!  From that point forward, I felt like I had known him for a life time.  Time spent around Paulus was always a great gift especially when he read poetry...  Although he is greatly missed we know he is now "changed addresses", as he was fond of saying.  Now Paulus is part of everything. As folks in our group were sharing stories about Paulus, suddenly the lights in our studio flickered and went our very briefly.  We all reacted at once laughing and exclaiming that it must be Paulus reminding us of his presence in the universe and that we are all still very much connected..... Thank you Paulus!



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