Over the weekend I had the pleasure of teaching a 2 day workshop in Columbia, SC called FINDING YOUR FORM THROUGH NATURE for SC Midlands Clay Arts Society.  Betsy along with 17 or 18 other clay and nature enthusiasts joined me and we had a FINE time exploring clay techniques and enjoying the exquisite forms that can be discovered in nature that were piled on every table. Together, we practiced working in partnership with our clay and of course we learned from others, along with a healthy dose of self exploration.  

I loved the wonderful mix of people I met and found myself wishing I had more time to get to know more about each and every person in the workshop.  I also enjoyed the mix of levels of experience. This leads to a room full of risk taking people teaching one another and just having fun together. The creative energy created in this kind of atmosphere is positively awe inspiring! 

Thank you all again for such a warm, wonderful and fun experience that included two amazing potluck lunches!  I loved every minute of my time with you....Keep in touch and enjoy your journey in clay!

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