I am excited to announce that Mackenzie Patterson, former student at CCES Middle School, has agreed to assist me, both at CCES and in my home studio, with a wide variety of tasks that will give me more time to work in my studio. I am thrilled to say Mackenzie has already made a difference.

Mackenzie caught my eye immediately when I first met her in 7th grade.  She had the intelligence, the creativity, the skill and the work ethic to enter what ever creative field she chose... I knew she was going to be one of the "ONES" who had the passion to persevere and to make it...

Today Mackenzie helped me pack and organize for a workshop that I am doing in Columbia next weekend. Then she photographed, measured and posted a new group of Meditation Bowls on my site inventory.

Thank you Mackenzie for a great and productive day! The new work will be posted tomorrow!