I am still in awe of our week together!  It was extraordinary, almost magical and far beyond my expectations of what we might create "together".  Downstairs clay felt like a "caccoon of fun and creativity"! 

All of you who were in the workshop, along with my two FAB assistants, Glory and Cat, are totally amazing and I applaud you for not only your awesome work but most of all for "taking a risk".... We all stepped outside the box together and look what happened!!!  

I am adding a slide show of the first three days of the workshop and will add more later.  Please send along any special images you have, especially of the "show and tell" on Saturday. I will add them in to the next slide show. 

Enjoy your JOURNEY and remember our conversations, not only the ones we had among ourselves but also the ones we had with our environment, our materials, but especially the clay...

Love and admiration to each of you!


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