It seems only fitting that we end this year with an image of our beloved home in Greenville, SC with our 22 year old Norfolk Pine Tree at the center.  This Norfolk Pine was only 12 inches tall when I purchased it for my advisees at CCES Middle School, my first year in Greenville, SC as an art instructor.  As you can see, it eventually came home with me to be the tree in our living room that we decorate for Christmas.  This year, it has ornaments from every ornament project I have done with the students over the years, mostly for the tradition of the 5th Grade decorating a tree for the Annual Festival of the Trees.  I have always loved this tree and have felt it love me back.  Now that it has reached the ceiling, it apparently means it is time to move!  With my impending retirement right around the corner, we have hired a builder and will soon break ground for our new home and studio in Clover, SC.  Keep your fingers crossed along with ours that we will be in our new home in the orchard to celebrate next Christmas and New Year.

Roger, Jaz, Rozie and I want to wish all of you Happy Hollidays!  We send LOVE & PEACE to all of our friends, family and anyone who reads our message...



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