After my drive from Greenville, it was coffee at Gaby and Jesse's house with my sister Mary and husband John. Along with some lively conversation came the highlight and center of my visit. I was introduced to the newest member of our family, Alice!!!!!! And what a precious, petite, beautiful young lady she is!  Her gentle, dark but bright and questioning eyes stole my heart immediately and completely!  This joyous first meeting was followed by a short walk through their charming, eclectic neighborhood, a mix of old and high modern architecture, to Jesse and Gaby's incredible 4 star (5 in my book!) restaurant, Viva, home of the best Argentinian cuisine you will find anywhere.  A wonderful little reunion took place with scrumptious foods with an assortment of subtle flavors of herbs and other interesting additions.  Gaby and Jesse are masters of this.....All the while, little Alice captivated out attention, even as she slept.  Again, the conversation brought on laughter and fun along with a few memories from long ago....  As you can tell, I adore my family and was so glad to be part of this gathering.  It was, however, time to hit the road in time to miss the oncoming and much needed rainstorms that had been called for.  One last siting that caught my eye was what I believe is a passion flower, just hanging in a tangle of vines full of bees...   Thanks everybody for a wonderful visit!

John and Mary - Safe travels home to Fairfield, CO

My love to all of you!

Cam (my family nickname)