Those of you in the workshop might want to know that along with the outline, I am also putting aside tools, examples of my work that show the techniques I will be sharing in demos, a few favorite books, "natural stuff" of course and my sketchbook/journal... 

If you are coming from out of town and have to fly, remember the studio is extremely well equipped and those of us that are driving or live near by will have plenty of extra so do not worry about that.  

I will plan to get up to the Bascom on Sunday mid-day to unpack and get set up.  If you arrive on Sunday, feel free to drop by to to say hello and get the lay of the land.  If you have time, go ahead and walk the trails and see what all the Bascom has to offer.  If I don't see you Sunday, I look forward to seeing you Monday morning! The class will start at 10:00 on June 6 through June 10th.

Don't forget to spend some time looking at my Pinterest board on Ikebana! It might help you think about the kinds of forms and containers that attract you the most.  Even a few simple line drawings of the general forms you like notated in your journal/sketchbook might prove to be helpful.

See you soon!