Today I made a great discovery teaching 5th grade art... I will always have a "Glitter Day" the last day before the students get out for the holidays!!!  I really don't know when I have had more fun and I have our Lower School Art Teacher, Marilyn Mullinax to thank.  Marilyn  provided the extra glitter needed to put the 5th grade "Glitter Machine" into full swing!

There was no doubt about what was happening in the art room because all the trails of glitter throughout the Middle School lead to the room where I teach 5th grade art!


 Today was glitter magic thanks to my 5th grade students, along with others who showed up the art room because they followed the trails of glitter.  Today was the day there was a shiny glitter explosion of Middle School creativity!

 Hmmmmmm, tonight Roger said I still have some glitter in my hair.... Can you imagine?