On my way to pick up my "10 Half-Pods", on display at ArtFields in Lake, City, I stopped to spend the night with long time friend Jo Jeffers.  Jo has settled on family owned land that goes back many generations and has that life style that many of us would love for ourselves. One thing I love is that when I see Jo in Florence, she always appears to be quietly and gently "rooted to the earth"... Her son, designed and helped build her beautiful new home nestled into the landscape next to her spacious studio.  Add to that she has family, including grandchildren, still living near by and to top it off, she has two adorable 4 legged pets!  She cooks from her garden, works to the sounds of the birds and other animals and is surrounded by family, supportive friends and a life time of memories of growing up where she was born.....

Rocking on Jo's wonderful screen porch, taking in the sights of the long needled pine trees, the sandy soil and the gentle fragrance of the land was magical. The short but sweet time we spent together certainly made me feel in so many ways, like I had come home...

Thank you Jo.  It is hard to believe our friendship started in our 20's when we both worked at the Gibbes Art Gallery in Charleston, SC.  

Watching Jo work with clay was the real beginning of my journey with clay...How about that?

Much love,


Some of Jo's fabulous work in clay, along with her brother's spectacular turned, paper thin vessels.  Jo and Targa, an Iclandic horse (a sturdy, gentle, friendly & intelligent breed)