The venue where my work is being shown is 104 East Main Street, Lake City, SC.

Sculpture is everywhere in the historic and charming town of Lake City.

104 East Main Street from the inside looking toward the railroad track.

Roger and his assistant Jaz.

Half-Pods unpacked and ready for installation.

One Half-Pod up and nine to go....

10 minutes later...

20 minutes later...

30 minutes later we are packed and ready to go!

The job is done and we are about to head home.  Thanks Roger, your expertise made the installation "a piece of cake".  Having Jaz and Rosie along offered a party atmosphere and moral support.  After all, they are parti poodles and see this as their job in our family.

The drive home through fields of brilliant green winter hay and saffron yellow canola plants was breathtaking!  There was also a purple haze that topped some of the brilliant yellow canola fields. The complementary nature of these two colors together still lives on as a vivid memory or our trip to Lake City.

Our very best wishes to Lake City and the ArtFields Committee for their hard work launching ArtFields 2015!  May it be the best event yet!  

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