Passing through Beaufort County

Passing through Beaufort County

First, I want to thank the Spring Island Trust for making this opportunity available to artists. It is a refuge where ideas can grow and creativity can flourish.  In addition I want to give special thanks to my many old friends and to new friends whose hospitality, interest and moral support made my time on Spring Island a joy. All hugs, comments, great questions and smiles of encouragement were welcomed and appreciated along with snacks, visits and gifts of nature. Special thanks goes to a young woman who is a Spring Island security person who came to my rescue Friday morning when I discovered my phone was dead! At the golf house I could always count on a fabulous lunch, smiles from everyone and lots of laughter!

Accommodations were superb! The studio could not have been more perfect with its location, its lighting, sparse beauty and ambiance.  The cottage was charming, comfortable and I loved seeing the moon most evenings through the oak tree outside my window festooned with Spanish moss. Of course marvelous dinner parties were scrumptious, the conversations inspiring and the warmth and kindness of the Spring Islanders who picked me up so I wouldn't get lost, just made my experience on Spring Island that much sweeter...

Now it is my turn to say -  come see Roger, me, Jaz and Rosie and visit my studio and our home!  Greenville is a fabulous city and It would be wonderful to see you all again.