Alice Ballard has a sensitive eye, continuously focused on the elegant gestures of the nature of our earth and hands with the skillfulness ‘to sing up’ what she beholds: the light sliding along the edge of a lily petal, a fossil-like impression of a fern on clay, the visceral vitality of dancing cabbage leaves.

Regarding her work slows down my perception in response. My breathing eases.

Alice’s clay work re-minds me, re-connects me to this more than just human world in which I can, once again, sense my plant and mineral being. She is doing important work, the work only an artist of deep soulful attention can offer us: how we come into being and fade away and in between are part of the beauty of our world. Alice Ballard is a part of that astonishing and awakening beauty. She is one of our more distinguished and treasured artists.
— Paulus Berensohn