The image is of a group of works that are the result of "cross pollination" between my work and Dow's.  

I will soon post images from the workshop but I didn't want to wait to thank Frank Vickery, director of the ceramics program, and the staff of the Bascom, along with a huge THANK YOU to Dow Redcorn, whose assistance made the workshop possible. Another huge THANK YOUgoes to the 13 of you who comprised one of best and most creative workshops I have ever taught!  Each of you arrived "open" and ready to learn, take risks and to grow in your work,    

Believe it or not I had an emergency appendectomy the Monday before the class started the following Monday!!!!!!!! Frank and his staff, but especially Dow and all of you who participated made the workshop possible.  All that positive energy coming my way was truly healing...along with the great hospitality of those who hosted us, made the week extra special and memorable.